We are pioneering EB-5 investment opportunities in areas of US national interest

America is the land of opportunity: Your children can go to the best universities. You and your whole family can be involved in businesses at the cutting edge of technology. And you can live in complete freedom in the largest economy in the world.

The EB-5 program is one of the most reliable ways to obtain permanent residency in the US. Foreign nationals who invest $1,050,000 to support a job-creating company become eligible to receive a green card via the EB-5 visa program. However, almost all traditional EB-5 investment projects entail processing times of 35 to 52 months—just for the first step of the application. This does not have to be the case.

At LeadEB5, we bring you projects of US national interest that give you the best chance of speeding up your EB-5 application to well under a year.

Why LeadEB5?
Most other EB-5 promoters offer you real estate investments with zero chance of expedited processing of your visa application. We bring you an entirely different class of investments.
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